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Wildlife Cameraman specialising in sequences for documentaries and features.

Roger Has Worked From The Frozen Poles To The Tropical Equator, Specialising In Immersive Imagery Of Dynamic And Fast Moving Animals And Events. He Owns And Maintains A Red Dragon 6K Underwater Imaging System And Is CCR TRIMIX And CAVE Qualified. Roger Is Currently Working On Our Planet, An Eight Part Series For Netflix Produced By Silverback Films, Dolphin World For Disney Nature, And BBC NHU Series Ocean | Blue Planet 2.

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Dynamic behavoural Sequences

With a background in competitive athletics and spearfishing, Roger has developed a speciality in keeping up with and anticipating the behaviour of fast moving underwater animals and events such as sharks, whales, dolphins and bait-balls


CCR Trimix and Cave Qualified

Rebreathers radically increase the amount of time one can spend underwater and have become an indispensable tool for wildlife caemraman working underwater. Roger is TRIMIX and Cave qualified to a depth of 100m.

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Benthic and Macro Sequences 

Shooting behavioural sequences involving smaller marine creatures requires a different approach and specialist equipment. Rebreathers increase the amount of in water time and underwater tripods  allow for the creation a sufficient range of shot sizes.


Red Digital Cinema System

Roger owns and maintains a 6K Red Dragon Underwater Imaging System inside a Nauticam houisng.

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People and Animals 

Human characters underwater create context and scale and can serve as a powerful way to get audiences to connect with wildlife.  

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Digital Stock Footage

Roger is steadily building up a library of high end natural history material shot with sequence building in mind.