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 Wildlife Cameraman specialising in underwater sequences for documentaries and features.

Roger has worked from the frozen poles to the tropical equator, specialising in immersive imagery of dynamic and fast moving animals and events. He owns and maintains a Red Dragon 6K Underwater Imaging system and is CCR TRIMIX and CAVE qualified. Roger is currently working on Our Planet, an eight part series for Netflix produced by Silverback Films, Dolphin World for Disney Nature, and BBC NHU series Ocean | Blue Planet 2.

Contact email: roger@rogerhorrocks.com

Silverback Films for Disney Nature, Antarctica, image by Frederique Olivier

Cinematography Credits


Pristine Seas - Tristan Da Cunha


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A feature length film by Neil Gelinas for National Geographic Studios | Wilderness Project by Steve Boyes | Worldwide Release 2017

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Okavango will be a National Geographic feature-length film that shares an intimate look at the human experience in wilderness: The ups and downs, the vulnerability and humility, the care and caution, the love, the fear, the frustration, the surrender and dependence on water. The team of explorers plan to undertake a two-month crossing of the Okavango River system from the source in Angola all the way 1,000 miles down the river through Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and into an untouched wilderness in the heart of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. They will travel like baYei River Bushmen and be subject to the dangers of encountering the worlds largest-remaining populations of elephants, thousands of hippos, 15–foot crocodiles, and some of the last–remaining super–prides of lions on Earth.

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Ocean  | Blue Planet 2

7 x 60' for BBC | Executive Producer - James Honeybourne | Series Producer - Mark Brownlow | Expected TX Date - early 2018

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 In 2001, the BBC led the world with the multi award-winning Blue Planet; now it plans to return to the planet’s oceans. More marine species have been discovered in the past decade than ever before, with an average of 2,000 discoveries per year. Drawing on new filming techniques not available at the time Blue Planet was shot - such as a new gyro-stabilised aerial camera system, remotely operated submarines, 4k digital resolution and new marine tracking techniques - we will capture the marvels of the world’s largest living space.


Atlantic: Earth's Wildest Ocean

3 x 60' for BBC2 | Series Producer - Dan Rees | Program 2 Producer  - Ted Giffords

This 3x60 landmark series reveals the mysteries of the Atlantic Ocean - from the Arctic to the Antarctic, the crushing depths of the abyss to the sun drenched tropical reef. This series will reveal the amazing, surprising and resilient inhabitants of the Atlantic, both animals and people, as they pit themselves against the world’s wildest ocean. Each episode unveils the natural forces that underpin life in the Atlantic, from the world’s most powerful currents, ferocious hurricanes and huge chains of undersea volcanoes making this dynamic ocean rich in life.



Spy in the Pod

2 x 52mins. John Downer Productions for BBC 1. First flighted January 2014. Executive Producer - John Downer. Series Producer - Rob Pilley

To truly innovate in the filming of some of the world’s most beloved animals – dolphins – the team at John Downer Productions has stopped at nothing to get their cameras close to the animals. Following the success of Penguins: Spy In The Huddle, this time all the spycams are disguised as sea creatures. Tunacam, Turtlecam, Squidcam and Dolphincam are just a few examples of an enchanting underwater menagerie, each programmed by the production team for a different spying role. They take us closer to dolphins than ever before - from the intimacy of a mother teaching her calf to catch fish or leap from the water, to the drama of huge megapods, many thousands strong.They not only reveal the tender and playful side of dolphins but also some less familiar aggressive tendencies, as well as displays of their renowned intelligence. With two programmes derived from hundreds of hours of innovative observational footage, it's a very intimate ride into the deep blue. Filled with wonder and magical encounters, this is the dolphin’s world as it hasn’t been seen before. Dolphin: Spy in the Pod will be narrated by David Tennant.


EarthFlight 3D

1 x 90mins. Produced by John Downer Productions for the BBC


Earthflight 3D is a 90 minute special filmed in 3D with a new commentary from David Tennant. The film picks up from where the series left off  to take viewers on a special journey over our planet in the company of birds. We see the seasons change, witness the most amazing events in nature and journey from the warm topics to the frozen north. Filmed using specialised and innovative camera techniques to give an up close perspective like no other, Earthflight 3D contains new and unique imagery to give an exclusive look at the world through the eyes of birds.


Touching the Dragon

1 x 52mins. Acquired by National Geographic Channel, USA. First flighted January 2012. Filmed and Directed by Craig and Damon Foster for NHU Africa. Co-produced and presented by Roger Horrocks.


Into the Dragons Lair

1 x 52mins produced by Craig and Damon Foster for NHU Africa. Acquired by Discovery Channel/Animal Planet, USA. First flighted in 2010. Underwater Cameraman and Co-Presenters - Didier Noirot and Roger Horrocks


Nature's Great Events: The Great Tide

1 x 52mins. Produced by Hugh Pearson for the BBC, part of series "Nature's Great Events. First flighted January 2010. Assistant Cameraman - Roger Horrocks

"The Great Tide", produced by Hugh Pearson, documents the sardine run that occurs off the east coast of South Africa during the winter months of June and July.