Underwater Cinematography

Welcome to the home of underwater cinematographer Roger Horrocks, best known for his work on My Octopus Teacher, Blue Planet 2 and Our Planet.


Footage Archive

Explore Roger's archive of marine collections available in 4K and 8K, available to filmakers and creatives to licence for use in their own projects

4K+ Footage

All of the Collections footage on the site and in the MasterFile downloads is available for commercial license.


We have designed this site to be visually inspiring and to make it easy to find the story beats and moments you are looking for.


We’ve hand-tagged every video from a set of more than 100 keywords: from essential info like species & genus to shot-types.


The clips seen here represent  a small part of each collection. Download the related master-file to see the entire collection.

Work With RHCine

Ranging from cinematography, production, camera systems, and diving tech Roger brings both skillset and the requisite technology to your production.


Roger's core focus and passion is creating evocative and emotive underwater footage for documentaries, features and editorial. Clients include Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, BBC and National Geographic. Reach out via WhatsApp to explore further.


RHCine offers an end-to-end drone filming solution for marine & terrestrial natural history film shoots  in South Africa. All aircraft are compliant with the South African Civil Aviation Authority, & include an Alta X Heavy Lift drone, for use with Arri and RED Camera Platforms, and two DJI Inspire 2' drone systems with Zenmuse X7 cemaras.


RHCine offers a comprehensive shoot production service, from pre-shoot planning to permitting and shooting. Drawing on a global network of fixers and operators around the world, this creates the opportunity for exploring a range of content acqusition deals.


RHCine owns and maintains a wide collection of filming equipment, including three RED DSMC cameras in underwater housings, Inspire 2 Drones with Zenmuse X7 cameras. In addition RHCine operates an 8m RIB outfitted for marine filming.


With 15 years of experience filming underwater behavioural sequences from the frozen polar regions to the warm equatorial seas, his passion is to connect humans and aquatic creatures through the power of imagery and storytelling.

Disney, Netflix

Roger has worked as a DP on three feature films, most notably My Octopus Teacher, which won an Oscar for best Documentary in 2021

Netflix, BBC

Over the last fifteen years, Roger has contributed a number of behavioural sequences to natural history documentary series, including Our Planet and Blue Planet 2


Roger has worked on a number of commercials where specialist underwater cinematography is required, in conjunction with various production houses.


In 2019, Roger was one of two underwater DP's contracted to film underwater screensavers for Apple TV. Shooting took place in South Africa, Alaska and Costa Rica.