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Get to see the true making of underwater cinematography.

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In the Company of Humpback Whales

The story behind the Humpback Whales Collection.

Roger Horrocks

Elephant Seals - Gough Island

Two elephant seals soak in the cool waters of a fresh water pond just above a small beach on Gough Island.

Roger Horrocks

Common Dolphins Hunting - East Coast

Common dolphin hunting for sardine shoals off the East Coast of South Africa.

Roger Horrocks

Green turtle – Ponta Da Oura, Mozambique

A green turtle heads towards the surface of a squall lashed sea, off the small town of Ponta Da Oura, Mozambique.

Roger Horrocks

Giraffe Seahorse - Pomene Estuary

Portrait of a giraffe seahorse (Hippocampus camelopardalis) in the seagrass beds of Pomene Estuary, Mozambique.

Roger Horrocks

Bull Sharks - Ponta Mamoli

The Pinnacles of Ponta Mamoli in southern Mozambique offers some of the best diving with Bull or Zambezi sharks in Southern Africa.

Roger Horrocks